Your Travel

Most of our guests arrive by plane, as this is the most convenient travel. Airberlin, Ryanair, Iberia Airlines, Vueling, TUIfly and other air lines fly regularly to Andalusia.


The three nearest international air ports in Andalusia are:

    • Jerez (ca. 45 minutes, 65km away)
    • Sevilla (ca. 1,5 hours, 130km away)
    • Málaga (ca. 2,5 hours, 220km away)

Airport shuttle service

Your Travel

We are happy to offer you an air port shuttle service, to bring you conveniently from the air port Jerez to your domicile. While travelling with us, we familiarize you with the country and its people and provide tips. The shuttle service saves you money, as the price of 60 EUR is cheaper than a taxi ride.

 Rental car

If you want to be mobile, a rental car might be a good choice. You can rent a car directly after your arrival at the air port. If you want to be certain to be able to rent a certain suitable car, we recommend to book a rental car in good time ahead of your travel. Often times this is also cheaper. We happily recommend a local car rental company to you, if you like us to do so.

Things worth knowing about your vacation

Public transport buses depart frequently for near destinations during high season from June to September at bus stops which are easy to identify.
Also in low season from October to May, there are buses going regularly.

Taking a taxi in southern Spain is rather cheap, compared to other west-european cities, and is very common.

Depending on your type of vacation, we recommend you choose your wardrobe carefully, may it be a beach vacation in spring, summer or in fall time:

  • Bathing clothes
  • Sunglasses (a must!)
  • Beach sandals, as the sand heats up
  • Light clothing for the warmer season

For wintertime you ought to bring one or two warm pullovers and a weatherproof jacket for the evening hours.

Your pharmaceutical travel kit should contain sun tan lotion which suits your skin type, as the UV-radiation is easily underestimated during wind and cloudy sky.

If you are planning to go on a boat trip, you will appreciate pills against travel sickness.

The pharmacies are of of European standard and offer all common products and medications.

Using mobile phones to make calls when abroad (e.g. from Spain) has become less expensive compared to several years ago, due to legal provisions on mobile roaming abroad (Euro tariff).

Internet and wireless network is provided by the majority of cafes, restaurants and bars – free of charge. Some of our holiday objects also have wireless network for free.