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Country & People

Country & People

Andalusia is known to be one Europe’s most beautiful regions. Situated in southern Spain, it is associated with the sea, beaches, sunshine and vacation feeling. Indeed, the range of cultural offers and the excellent traditional cuisine is making it a wonderful place to live. Enjoy visiting a wide range of museums or encounter traditional Spanish folklore. Food wise you will be attracted by Serrano ham, Tapas and fresh fish.

The year-round mild climate and the position of the region “Cadiz” between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean allow extended excursions into the countryside in all seasons. More than 18% of Andalusia’s land area are protected as national parks and reservations. With annually 300 sunny days, Andalusia is leading!  Between December and March there are mild and sunny days, perfect if you are looking to escape from grey winter.

Plaza de toros - Land & Leute
Handwerk - Land & Leute

Country & People

The inhabitants of Andalusia have made a great effort to improve the economic success of the region. Even if the gross domestic product is below the EU average, people are proud of their achievements.

The region is considered very tourist friendly and respectful to visitors.

Famous people from the region are the artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) who created more than 15,000 works of art during his life. Also the Spanish seducer Don Juan came from Andalusia, from the city of Seville.

The local Spanish dialect, “Andalusian”, is spoken by locals.

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